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„Lebensborn“ Maternity Home Wienerwald, 1938-1945

Autor:innenBarbara Stelzl-MarxLukas SchretterMartin Sauerbrey-AlmasyNadjeschda StoffersSabine Nachbaur
Herausgeber:innenBarbara Stelzl-MarxLukas Schretter
DetailsZeitgeschichte 51, Heft 1, 2024
Vienna University Press (Brill)
ISBN 978-3-8471-1739-1
174 S., € 23,00

Zum Inhalt:

Established in Pernitz/Feichtenbach in 1938, the Heim Wienerwald served the SS association “Lebensborn” as a maternity home to increase the birth rate of “Aryan” children. This volume brings together recent research on the history of the Heim Wienerwald: the articles focus on the maternity home in the wider context of National Socialist racial policy, presenting findings on the regulations for keeping births within “Lebensborn” secret, the requirements for admission to “Lebensborn”, and the assessment of mother and child. Secondly, the volume examines everyday life in this facility and the extent to which the stay of pregnant women and mothers was regulated in the context of National Socialist ideology. Thirdly, it provides an insight into the experiences and everyday life of the staff, especially the student nurses. Fourthly, the volume deals with the children born in the Heim Wienerwald who did not meet the “selection criteria” of the SS and were murdered as part of the National Socialist child “euthanasia” programme.

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