01 Jun 2022 von lbik

„Highly recommended“ – Rezension zu Intelligence-Band über Ungarn im Kalten Krieg

Das von Magdolna Barath und Dieter Bacher herausgegebene Buch „A Frontline of Espionage. Studies in Hungarian Cold War Intelligence in Austria“ (Budapest – Pecs 2021) wurde auf dem Blog  Cold War Vignettes als „valuable contribution to Cold War histography“ kurz und positiv besprochen.

Der Rezensent schreibt: „In this volume Austrian, Danish and Hungarian outstanding researchers of Cold War espionage present their findings on the activity of the Hungarian communist state security intelligence officers in Austria, Germany and Denmark, the actions of Soviet counterintelligence against Hungarians in Austria, and many more topical issues. On the whole the volume gives an insight into a world, which still has numerous blurred details.“

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